At Berning & Inglis, we are passionate about empowering communities to tell their own stories. One of the ways to empower communities, especially rural ones, is to do this by using their mobile phones. We present a two-day MoJo workshop as part of the bigger iKasi film workshops (our accredited training partner) or as stand-alone sessions. By doing this, we ensure that trainees are able to create great content for Berning & Inglis once the workshop has completed.


We then drive this process by putting out Community Commissioning Briefs calling on specific themed videos. Companies and organizations can utilize this great community gateway by commissioning specific themed briefs, not only will that create employment for these community journalists, but it will give the company or organisation a reach into the minds of a community that they may not previously have had.



Berning and Inglis have also been asked to present this MoJo workshop to companies and corporates as part of their team building initiatives or social media campaigns.  To some companies, video reporting is an important part of their service delivery process and to collect that video evidence becomes a costly exercise if you need to hire professional production companies. Therefore, up-skilling internal staff to deliver good quality video content while in the field, is often a great time- and cost saving tool.

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