There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you
Maya Angelou


Berning & Inglis is a media production company that drives change in communities by unleashing creativity and igniting passion. We are passionate about assisting communities to tell their own stories using digital technology.

How We Can Help

Production Services

  • We are a production company producing quality video and audio content for our clients.
  • We specialise in corporate videos, training videos, social media content.
  • We offer a comprehensive service from brief phase to final delivery.
  • We pride ourselves in providing quality service, within budget and deadline.
  • We also produce in-house content for TV and radio.

Skills Development Facilitator Consultancy Services

  • Advise companies on any aspect of Skills Development.
  • Assist the company/employer to develop a comprehensive training/skills development strategy.
  • Develop a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) for the company.
  • Draft an Annual Training Report (ATR)  for the company. (more…)

Start-Up Incubation For New Production Companies

  • We assist start-up production companies through project based mentorship and provide training in the form of business development workshops.
  • We assist start-up production companies to gain a showreel by partnering with them on our projects and through these ensuring skills transfer.
  • We connect start-up companies to industry.

Community Stories

  • MoJo refers to Mobile Journalism - Using accessible technology to tell stories or capture community news
  • Together with iKasi Media and the STEPS foundation we host workshops in indigent communities. (more…)

Content Creation

  • We conceptualise productions and produce our own original content.
  • We are able, through our contacts to assist with distribution or broadcast of content.
  • We utilise our digital and online platforms to distribute and share content.

Work Experience

  • We offer on-the-job or work placement opportunities on all our productions and other productions for suitably trained students to be mentored by our professional crew.
  • We assist  (more…)

Meet The Team

Lika Berning

Lika Berning


Lika has been working in theatre, film & television for more than 15 years. She is a renowned actress with an honours in documentary film making. She also started a community development organisation that offers training in film & TV to youth of rural areas.

Lamise Inglis

Lamise Inglis


Lamise Inglis is a successful radio and television producer who brings over two decades worth of industry experience to her workshops. She has a blended passion for creating high quality productions as well as training the next generation of the industry.


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IKASI MEDIA: Our Non-Profit Foundation

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Community Film Appreciation Screenings with STEPS

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